Learning Solutions Designer Bingel


We are looking for a Learning Solutions Designer for Bingel.
You shape the future of education
As a Learning Solutions Designer you:

Shape the future of education by focusing on the teaching and learning solutions domain of Bingel: adaptive exercises and personalized content, blended and full digital courses, gamification and student engagement, testing and assessment, digital classroom materials, social and collaborative learning etc.
Contribute to Sanoma Learning’s vision and strategy in the teaching and learning solutions domain of Bingel.
Are part of the Bingel Product Management team, supporting the Local Product Managers and collaborating with Product Owners, Analysts, UX/CX team, Developers and Product Architects.
Work with other product teams in Sanoma Learning to ensure that Bingel is the “best in class solution” when it comes to supporting teachers in their daily workflow and improving the learning outcomes of students.
Maintain a good overview of, and insights into, the different didactics and pedagogies, customer needs and evolving teaching / learning solution requirements in each of the Bingel countries.
Have an in-depth knowledge of the existing teaching / learning concepts and capabilities in Bingel, and find synergies to promote a shared understanding to ensure a maximum usage of the available product concepts and capabilities in each country.
Propose, refine and validate new teaching / learning concepts and capabilities for Bingel, in close collaboration with the Product Managers and Product Owners.
Contribute to the Bingel Backlog by ensuring that new teaching / learning concepts and capabilities are made in a way that they can be used in different countries, by different types of users.

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